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Queens Entertainment brings a semblance of - Simplicity, Elegance, and Professionalism.

Queens Entertainment is expertise in holding remarkable events in local Hong Kong, Macau, and cities all over China. 

Queens Entertainment provides services from Event Organizing, Wedding Planning, Marketing Consultancy, Branding & Product Distribution, Musicans & Artists Booking for Live Shows/ Events, Professional Recording Studio, Design Services, Photography & Video Productions, Music Education & Music Production and many more. 

Over the years of experiences, Queens Entertainment has gained great support and trust from cooperatives, partners, and clients from its reputation of being one of the most reliable companies with guaranteed excellency in quality among the field.

- 節目活動策劃 (包括公司年度晚會、品牌開幕、餐廳開幕、車展、嘉年華會、週年慶典、私人派對 及更多)
- 婚禮統籌

- 樂手/ 演藝人員/ 樂隊預約 (表演或錄音)

- 娛樂表演者預約 (包括跳舞者、魔術師、氣球師、高蹺表演者、畫面師、模特兒、名人分身 及更多)
- 音樂課程及培訓
- 音樂製作
- 專業錄音室租用
- 平面設計 (包括宣傳單張、海報、婚宴請柬、Foam Board 展板 及更多)

- 攝影及錄影服務

- 後製服務 (包括執相、精華片段、短片製作 及更多)

Whatsapp即時查詢: 61506245


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