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Ever having the dilemma of figuring out where to put your handbag in a coffee shop, restaurant or bar? Don't want to occupy an extra chair? Purse keep slipping away from your lap? The handles from the purse keep blocking your way when you try to eat or drink? Wouldn't want to risk losing the purse to thieves (or worse, to roaches) by putting it on the floor? 


Here is your solution!


Our Floral Rose Handbag Holder is specially designed for THE ULTIMATE GIRLS NEED! 


With just one simple click to open, you can hang your purse under any desk and table surfaces, care-free! No more worrying about space, security and hygiene!


The light-weighted design allows you to carry our product around in any size of purse, yet the Floral Rose Handbag Holder can sustain up to 13 lb of weight! 


From a cozy coffee afternoon, romantic fine dining night, girls night out (or why not, a crazy night out), to an "adventurous" afternoon lunch with you kids while carrying the almighty heavy-weighted mom bag! 


On sale now with a special deal - ONLY US $12.99!!!


Available in vivid colors to match your chic and elegant style - for you and your friends!


- Material: (Front) Brass & Alloy, (Back) Soft Rubber. Never fade and never getting rusty

- Unfold the Foldable Handbag Hook and put it on the edge of a table or bench to keep your bag or purse safe at restaurant, bar, coffee shop, office or anywhere

- Beautiful ornament to match with your handbags

- Convenient to carry

- Designed for beautiful women and and any purse owner

- Great match with your handbags, foldable and magnetic closure, easy to pack and store

Floral Rose Handbag Holder

$18.99 一般價格
  • Material: (Front) Brass & Alloy, (Back) Soft Rubber. Never fade and never getting rusty

    Dimension: 4.5 x 4.5 cm

    Extended Dimension: 9.5 x 5 cm

    Thickness: 1.5 cm

    Weight: 42 g

    Weight Limit: 13 lb

    Maximum Thickness of the Table or Surface: 5 cm

    Available Colors: Classic, Rouge, Pearl, Mocha, Marmalade, Honey Bee, Ocean, Peach, Hot Pink, Violet